Chinatown Bus Lines

Including other bus services

Boston / New York Service
New York / Washington D.C. Service
New York/Baltimore Service
New York / Philadelphia Service
& Other Destinations
Several companies are run out of Chinatown Boston/New York (and other cities as well) that provide reasonably priced, regular service. I have put up the schedules for a couple of the companies that run regular service. I am adding other cities as I get information from you enterprising people. when you get numbers, rumors, etc. and I'll make it available on the site.

Chinatown Bus Information Hotline: (202)350-9395 (Everyday, 07:00 AM-07:00 PM Eastern Time)

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  • New York<=>Daytona,OH 60% off, only $30 on
  • New York<=>Cincinnati,OH 60% off, only $30 on
  • New York<=>Columbia,SC 30% off, only $40 on
  • New York<=>Charlotte, NC 30% off, only $40 on
  • New York<=>Raleigh, NC 30% off, only $40 on
  • New York<=>Greensboro, SC 30% off, only $40 on
  • New York<=>Durham, NC 30% off, only $40 on
  • New York<=>Florence, NC 30% off, only $40 on
  • New York<=>Fayetteville, NC 30% off, only $40 on
NYC(Chinatown) / D.C. Eastern Travel
Hola Bus
Apex Bus


NYC(Penn Station)/D.C. Eastern Travel
Hola Bus
Apex Bus


Philadephia / DC Apex Bus
Eastern Travel


NYC / Philadelphia, PA
Apex Bus
Eastern Travel
Dragon Coach (NY<=>Philly[north])


NYC / Atlanta, GA Apex Bus


NYC / Baltimore Eastern Travel


NYC /Norfolk,VA/Virginia Beach,VA Apex Bus


NYC / Newport News,VA Apex Bus


NYC / Rockville, MD Eastern Travel
Apex Bus


NYC / Richmond, VA Eastern Travel
Apex Bus


NYC/Syracuse, NY

Ocean Travel ($45)


NYC/Rochester, NY

Ocean Travel ($50)


NYC/Buffalo, NY

Ocean Travel ($55)


NYC(Chinatown)/Raleigh,NC Apex Bus


Boston / NYC Fung Wah Bus
Lucky Star


NYC(Penn Station) / Baltimore, MD Eastern Travel -- Free WiFi


NYC/South Carolina
Spartanburg, SC (Hwy 85, Exit 75 - BP gas station)
Greenville, SC(Hwy 85, Exit 48A - Waffle House)
Anderson, SC(Hwy 85, Exit 19B - Raceway gas station)
Columbia, SC(2345 Broad River Rd - Waffle House)

NYC(Chinatown)/North Carolina Raleigh, NC (2708 South Saunder St - Race way 991 gas station)
Durham, NC (3311 Hillsborough Road - mobile gas station))
Greensboro, NC (3204 High Point Rd - Waffle House))
Charlotte, NC (4115 Glenwood Drive - Knights Inn)
Fayetteville, NC (333 Person Street - Americas Best Value Inn)
NYC/Woodbury Outlets, NY Express Trails